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True Crime and Desserts

Scandals and Sweets - True Crime and Desserts

Hi!  I’m Cindy and two of my passions are True Crime and there is nothing I like better than eating dessert while watching!

I am going to share some stories with you from the way back machine to let you see that there truly is nothing new under the sun!   

These bad girls from close to 100 years ago did True Crime pretty much like they do it today.  There were party girls, known as flappers, housewives, and professional women. The only difference is that the juries were made up of all men and a lot of the pretty, charming, stylish ones got away with murder!

I’m also going to share some of family dessert recipes with you!  Some of these go back close to 100 years and others are as modern as using cake mixes and jello!  

My grandmother had six sisters and boy could they all cook!  You’ll find dessert recipes from my grandmother and her sisters, Frieda, Mayme and Norma.  There will also be recipes from my mama and my daughters, and of course some of the ones I’ve developed over the years.

Join my daughters and me as we take you on a wild ride with wild women and a sugar high as we share True Crime and Desserts!

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