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Peeps-shi! What could be more fun for Easter than Sushi made from Peeps, Rice Krispie Treats, Fruit by the Foot, and canned frosting. This is another of my daughter Joyce’s brainstorms.

This is so creative! She just used the pink bunnies, but they also come in yellow and blue and there are also the baby chickens in yellow, blue and pink. Fruit by the foot comes in lots of colors too! You can also experiment with tinting the rice krispie treats, I’ve done this at Christmas making red and green ones. I have to say the green ones looked like they had molded!

You can tint the frosting too! She used canned Cream Cheese frosting, but you can make your own from the recipe here!

Go wild, have the kids help! I’ll bet none of your friends and family will have Peeps-shi!


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Sushi made from Peeps, Fruit by the Foot, Rice Krispie Treats and canned frosting.


For the Rice Krispie Treats:

3 Tablespoons Butter

1 Package (about 40) Marshmallows

6 Cups Rice Krispie Cereal

For the Peeps -shi

Several packages of Peeps in your choice of color and animal

Fruit by the Foot in a coordinating color

Canned Frosting in a white color


For the Rice Krispie Treats:

Melt the butter in a large sauce pan over low heat.

Add Marshmallows stirring constantly until melted and combined.  If you wan to color the Rice Krispie treats add the food coloring at this point.

Add the Rice Krispies stirring until it is all coated.

Press into a large sheet pan so that the treats are about half an inch thick.

For the Sushi:

While the treats are still a little warm and flexible cut them into strips of 1 inch by two inches.

For the peepless ones cut a Fruit by the Foot the same length, put it on top of the treat and just roll it up.  It should stick together by itself.

For the ones with peeps, put a peep in one end and roll it up with the peep in the middle.   Cut a strip of Fruit by the Foot long enough to wrap around it.  Frost the outside of the treat and wrap the Fruit by the Foot around it.

For the nigiri type:

Cut the treats into strips about an inch by an inch and a half.  DO NOT CUT all the treats like this unless you only want nigiri style.

Spread a dollop of frosting on the treat and stick the peep in the frosting.  

Cut enough Fruit by the Foot to go around the treat/peep and attach with frosting on the back.

For the second type just put a little dab of frosting on top of the treat.

For the Sashimi type:

Just place some peeps on the tray!



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1 Comment

Joyce Green · March 31, 2021 at 9:14 pm

These are so much fun to make. To complete the sushi experience we melted pink and green icing to create wasabi and ginger.

For those that don’t like marshmallows, like my husband, you can substitute your favorite Easter candy. My husband likes for me to use the Reese’s peanut butter eggs!

You can’t go wrong with this fun activity and dessert!!!!

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