Watermelon Mojito Pie

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Watermelon Mojito Pie
Watermelon Mojito Pie

I love Watermelon, so I invented ways to use it! Watermelon Mojito Pie was one of the successes! By the way, this has no alcohol, it’s called Mojito for the lime and mint.

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I craved it! I could sit down and eat a whole giant watermelon by myself! I didn’t of course but the thought was there! 🙂

Come fall, this was back in the 80s, my father-in-law would scour the farmer’s markets and roadside stands for watermelon for me! One of my favorite memories of him.

My daughter of course, loves watermelon too! I mean she binged on it before she was born! We often eat the sherbet without making the pie!

Watermelon Sherbet
Watermelon Sherbet

This pie is so delicious from the graham cracker crust, the Watermelon and Lime sherbet, and the minty whipped topping on top. Not to mention it is Super Refreshing because it’s a frozen dessert!

This pie contains a sherbet which is a sorbet with dairy. The heavy cream in this makes it super creamy without the ice crystals that the sorbet sometimes has.

You will need an ice cream maker that will make a quart of ice cream. I got a very inexpensive one at Bed Bath and Beyond, you don’t need the fancy high end ones. Mine you freeze the bowl for 8 hours I did overnight and it’s ready to go!

I of course used a premade graham cracker crust. Actually for two reasons, one I don’t do crusts well for some reason and two because the aluminum pie plate does great in the freezer!

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Watermelon Mojito Pie

Watermelon Mojito Pie

  • Author: cwisdom@scandalsandsweets.com
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x


A delicious refreshing freezer pie with homemade Watermelon Sherbet and mint whipped topping.



68 Cups Watermelon chunks to yield 2 Cups Juice
1 1/2 Cups Heavy Cream
3/4 Cup of Sugar
Zest and Juice from one lime
Pinch of Salt
1 8 ounce container of Cool Whip – thawed
12 Tablespoons of chopped fresh mint
Graham Cracker Crust


The first thing you need to do is juice the watermelon.  My sister tried to make this with some fancy organic watermelon juice but somehow it lacked something.

You can use a blender or a food processor and strain the solids or of course you can use a juicer if you have one.

Mix the Watermelon juice with the lime zest, lime juice, sugar and salt.  Whisk in the heavy cream.

Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker following the manufacturer’s instructions.

While your sherbet is churning, chop your mint, I usually roll up several of the leaves into a cigar shape and thinly slice through them and then chop the ribbons.  Technically rolling it up and slicing it is called Chiffonade.

Gently mix the mint into the cool whip.

When the ice cream is finished and is a soft set, spread it over the graham cracker crust, cover with the minted cool whip and place in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

You need to let the pie set out 5-10 minutes to thaw a little before cutting.  Obviously I didn’t let it thaw enough as you can tell from the not so good pictures!


  • Serving Size: 1/6 pie
  • Calories: 648
  • Sugar: 56
  • Sodium: 173
  • Fat: 39
  • Saturated Fat: 24
  • Unsaturated Fat: 11
  • Trans Fat: 1
  • Carbohydrates: 74
  • Fiber: 2
  • Protein: 5
  • Cholesterol: 67
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