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Meyer Lemon and Raspberry Trifle

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This elegant dessert is super easy to make and tastes so yummy!


Vanilla Wafers – 1/2 of an 11 ounce box

Meyer Lemon Curd – One recipe

Cool Whip – one tub

Raspberries – 12 ounces


Make a layer of Vanilla Wafers either in a large bowl or in single parfait glasses.

Follow this with half of the recipe for the lemon curd.

Followed by a layer of Cool Whip.

Followed by 6 ounces of Raspberries.

Repeat and Ta-Daa!  You’re done!


Instead of the Meyer Lemon Curd you can replace it with purchased pre-made curd which can be a little pricey or a box of Lemon Pudding!

You can also use blueberries, strawberries or mixed berries in place of the raspberries.

You can use frozen berries but thaw them out and strain out all of the liquid.