Freddie and May – The Second Round

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Freddie and Mae Roach - The Second Round

Freddie and May Marriage #2

And so we begin Freddie and May’s second round on their marriage-go-round.

On July 25, 1910, May and Freddie are re-married.  May had travelled to San Francisco to visit friends.  She sent Freddie a telegraph asking him to come immediately that she was ill to the point of death.  Freddie told his friends that he was going West, he felt that a change of climate might improve his health.  So, he boarded his private railroad car and headed to San Francisco.  When he arrived, he found May to be in excellent health.  They reconciled and were remarried by Reverend E.L. Gunby in the parsonage of the Central Methodist Episcopal Church, this followed the unsuccessful attempt to be married the previous night at 11:00.

May tells the press, “We have had our little trials, but they all seem mere trifles now.  A couple can be happily married only after they have looked deep into each other’s hearts.  One has to pick out the best that is in the other and overlook the faults.  I am glad that have found each other and can in faith say that there will be no more thorns strewn on our path.”

Well, at least for 5 months…

December 5, 1910, Freddie publishes in the Chicago Examiner that he would not be responsible for any debts other than his own and headed to Florida.  This was at the time that May was in San Francisco visiting her mother.  Apparently at some point the pair were reunited. 

Divorce #3 – May and the 14 Lovers

March 21, 1912, Freddie sues May for divorce due to infidelity. 

Deputy Sherriff John E. Olis waits for 27 hours outside of May’s home to serve her with divorce papers.  “I had an awful wait, Olis said woefully, “and only a ham sandwich to break my long fast.  Two detectives hired by John M. Roach her father in law, tracked her to the Edelweiss and to Buxbaum’s.  She had been away from home since Sunday, and I didn’t dare stir for fear she would make for home suddenly.  We thought she was in a taxi, but she hopped out of the car and then I served her.  She laughed kind of queerly when she found out who I was and only said ‘This isn’t the first time in my experience, my friend.'”

May was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune after the divorce was filed and said. “My gas is turned off, my husband has not given me any money in three months, my telephone has been taken out, and my credit at the grocery store has been stopped.  My maid who has been with me for five years has not been paid but refuses to leave me.  I am sustaining myself by pawning my diamonds.  I have instructed my attorney to file a cross bill tomorrow, I will charge abandonment, nonsupport, and infidelity.  I will name a girl in another city.” 

She then further stated that Freddie’s suit was a result of May threatening to file for abandonment.  “Immediately afterward, he was taken to Florida by his father and mother.  He came back two weeks ago last Sunday and came to our apartments in a taxicab. He brought a large box of roses for me and said that he wanted to talk things over.  I excused myself, went to a telephone, and called my attorney.  He had officers from Municipal Court sent out with the warrant which they served on Mr. Roach. “

The trial was scheduled to begin May 1. 

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